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Summit Brands is privately owned and operated in Fort Wayne, IN. Formerly Iron Out, Inc., the company started with distribution of their multi-purpose rust stain remover, Super Iron Out, in the Midwestern United States and has since grown to national and global distribution. Summit Brands provides solutions on five platforms from appliance cleaners to water treatment. The mission of Summit Brands is simply to provide high quality specialty cleaning products to fit the specific needs of consumers with guaranteed results. Since its founding in 1958, Summit Brands has exceeded customer expectations through compliance, innovation and continuous improvement on high quality cleaning products that solve the toughest rust stain , laundry and appliance cleaning problems. Some of their top selling brands include Super Iron Out®, Dishwasher Magic®, White Brite®, Woolite® At- Home Dry Cleaner, Glisten®,Plink®, Disposer Care® and Washer Magic®.

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