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Convenient, Continuous, Effective. And they’re EcoLogo™ certified!

SeptoBac has a new look!
But don’t worry, the formula is the same and offers the same great results:


Pre-measured pouches ensure the correct amount is used with every dose.  Pouches are economical and easy to use without the mess and inconvenience of bulk powders.  No scooping  or measuring required!


Regular weekly use of SeptoBac septic tank treatment assures continuous enzyme action.  SeptoBac special bacteria strains have greater resistance to anti-bacterial soaps and detergents than regular waste bacteria and can help replenish reduced bacterial levels in your septic tank. Regular maintenance, using one pouch of SeptoBac per week, will maintain a constant level of bacteria in the septic system and help eliminate the need for excessive or frequent pumping.


The bacteria in SeptoBac septic tank treatment are specially selected by leading environmental scientists to be effective under a wide range of waste and septic system conditions. Billions of bacteria in each gram of SeptoBac powder digest both organic and difficult-to-degrade septic waste such as paper, wipes, cleaning and laundry chemicals, oils and grease. SeptoBac also contains microbial nutrients to stimulate and strengthen regular bacteria levels. An effective maintenance program with SeptoBac septic tank treatment can help prevent offensive odours by keeping drain fields clear.


SeptoBac products have recently been granted certification by the EcoLogo program.  Founded by the Government of Canada, EcoLogo is North America’s largest, most respected environmental standard and certification mark.  The EcoLogo mark assures consumers that SeptoBac products meet stringent environmental criteria and can be trusted as environmentally responsible:  they have biodegradable ingredients and packaging, they are biologically based, not toxic or harmful to humans, animals or aquatic life and they are efficacious. See “A Greener World” tab for more information.